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  • who we are

    Wallace Group is a reflection of the communities we serve. We are neighbors, family members, active volunteers, professionals and leaders in our business and personal communities. We believe in contributing and we have a commitment to the long-term health and viability of our built environment.

  • what we do

    We are service oriented professionals in Civil & Transportation Engineering, Construction Management, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Planning, Public Works Administration, Surveying / GIS Solutions and Water Resources. We understand the importance of thoughtful collaboration in order to deliver meaningful, elegant and cost-effective planning, design and engineering solutions for the needs of our community.

  • why we do it

    Since our founding in 1984, our focus and passion has centered on the personal side of business. We value our partnerships; we believe in earning trust and work diligently to demonstrate integrity, fairness and reliability to our clients and amongst our staff. At Wallace Group we love what we do and the value it provides to people. Our work reflects our Dedication to Service and results in high value services and-quality products for our clients and our built environment.

the latest news

07/ 24/ 2014
The intrepid Human Resources Manager at Wallace Group, Kathy L. Redden is what you might call a “horse person.” She thrives on the back of elegant equines and feels at home out on the trails. She also feels at home at the offices of Wallace Group where she has worked since 2001. Kathy has an easy smile and a feisty sense of humor that may include a pie in the face from time-to-time. Her work experience spans more than twenty years at engineering firms which gives her a unique understanding of what Wallace Group does from a non-technical viewpoint. Kathy is a Bay Area native, but like many people in SLO County, went to school at Cal Poly (English major) and was able to find a good job and never left. Below is our question and answers with Kathy. Wallace Group: Describe what you do at Wallace Group Kathy L. Redden: I’m the Human Resources Manager, involved in recruiting, retention, benefits, reviews, counseling, and whatever else may appear in my doorway. WG: What are some of your favorite activities with WG? KLR: HR isn’t always the most fun job. Thankfully I have great co-workers that make it worthwhile. Any activity that involves laughter is the best! WG: What are you involved in outside WG? KLR: I’m involved with the Atascadero Horsemen’s Club since 1990, and am currently the president. We are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year! We have monthly meetings, monthly trail rides and campouts, and do trail work. Our big event is our annual Toys for Tots ride. I’ve also been involved with the Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers for 19 years. CCCMB does trail work throughout the County – trail maintenance and trail creation. I am on their Board of Directors as the Equestrian Liaison, and am the Regional Crew Rep for Santa Margarita Lake. A big project involving CCCMB and AHC is the extension of the Sapwi Trail on the north side of the lake. We’re creating approximately 3 – 4 miles of new trail! WG: Favorite pastime? KLR: Horseback riding (every weekend!) – trail rides and campouts, traveling, reading. WG: Favorite food? KLR: Chocolate! WG: Describe your dream vacation. KLR: Either in the big outdoors, like Africa or Yosemite or Yellowstone, with all the big vistas and animals. Or historical/architectural vacations like going to Turkey, Guatemala/Mexico (visiting the ruins), Europe, etc. WG: What’s your favorite childhood memory? KLR: Going to Yosemite every summer with family and friends for almost 20 years. I feel like Yosemite is “mine” because I have so many memories from being there so much. WG: What is the farthest away from SLO have you been? KLR: Africa, on a horseback riding safari in 2012.
07/ 07/ 2014
American Society of Civil Engineers Recognizes his 40 Years of Service John L. Wallace, PE President and founder of Wallace Group, received a pleasant surprise Thursday June 19, at the annual American Society of Civil Engineers Awards (ASCE) luncheon held at the Madonna Inn. He was the recipient of the ASCE local chapter “Lifetime Achievement Award in Civil Engineering.” Visibly astonished, Wallace made his way to the podium to accept the award to the applause of the attendees. “To be recognized by a group of your peers like this is amazing,” said Wallace. “I am really grateful for this award and honored to be part of this wonderful organization.” ASCE President Carolyn Berg added, “John Wallace received the prestigious ASCE San Luis Obispo Branch "Lifetime Achievement in Civil Engineering" award because of his resourcefulness, innovation, long-term dedication to civil engineering and community engagement. John has worked in the industry for nearly 45 years and continues to find ways to mentor younger engineers, look for ways to improve engineering and systems management, and actively improve our local communities. He stands as a testament to dedication and hard work, and serves as a role model for other civil engineers throughout California.” ASCE was founded in 1852 and represents more than 145,000 members of the civil engineering profession worldwide. Photo: John with ASCE President Carolyn Berg.
06/ 27/ 2014
Wallace Group is pleased to announce the return of Brandon Medeiros to Wallace Group. Brandon is our new Director of Landscape Architecture. He will head up our award winning department and positions Wallace Group to grow into a new era and continue to be leaders in our industry. Medeiros brings more than 14 years of experience to the table and already has an impressive resume of projects under his belt. Brandon has experience in many disciplines from urban design and planning to landscape architecture. Some of his favorite projects are: City of Winters Downtown Streetscape Enhancement, Salinas River Anza Trail Master Plan, Cal Poly State University Poly Canyon Village and Rancho La Puerta Resort in Tecaté, México. From public works projects like the Grover Beach’s West Grand Avenue Streetscape and Paso Robles’ Charolais Corridor Trail and Restoration Project, to land development endeavors like Rice Ranch and Trilogy Central Coast, Brandon has had a hand in their design and development concepts through construction. He and his wife are raising two children in Paso Robles and are very active in the community. Brandon is particularly proud of his work with REC Foundation which provides recreational opportunities for the community. “As a board member for 10 years (and current President), I have been very active in the Foundation volunteering time and commitment to the Foundation’s mission of creating enhanced programs, places, and open spaces for quality recreational experiences in Paso Robles,” said Medeiros. A California native Brandon has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Upon graduation he was awarded ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architecture) Award of Honor. While he enjoys working on international projects he always appreciates coming home. Welcome back Brandon!
06/ 27/ 2014
30 Years Before the Mast I was asked if I could unabashedly describe and recount some of our company’s history and more importantly, why I believe we are still here after 30 years and looking forward to the next 30 years! I hope I can describe some activities, projects and clients from our earlier time leading up to today—and what I believe a team of fellow employees, sharing core values, have done to ensure our continued success. I came to the County Engineering Department in 1978 and often thought it would be great to “have my own business”…I was naive and eager but smart enough to wait out the recession of the early ‘80’s. Plus, I really enjoyed working as the Office Engineer for the County and stayed more than 6 years getting to know people, places and establishing relationships. In my County role, I learned a ton about our agencies and infrastructure and this helped define what quality meant to me. Many of the projects that I reviewed needed help and I believed that I (we) could do better. So with my wife Cindy’s blessing, in July 1984 I took the plunge and opened an office in our living room. Very quickly, Mr. Craig Campbell heard about this endeavor and we decided to join forces. I recognized Craig as the engineer I wasn’t so we became a great team. As our business intent became known, projects miraculously came in the door. Some of the first were John DeVincenzo’s Avila Barn along with the Varian Ranch, then the Bluffs in Pismo Beach and the County’s AASP’s Master Drainage Plan. Agency work became a specialty market as well. During our 30 years we have acted as the Department of Public Works for Atascadero, Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande. Managing various special districts occupied much of my time so Craig and the expanding staff worked on the growing number of private and public works projects. We came to recognize the synergy of having a surveying component and created an alliance with the best land surveyor in the County, (maybe the State) Tom Mastin. Tom and his staff shared space with us from the beginning and eventually we merged our companies. Then along came Brad Brechwald. Brad was a refugee from another local engineering company and he wanted more variety. I think that he has been “overwhelmed” with variety ever since. Establishing a viable succession plan had been one of my goals for the last 10 years and as CEO Brad now oversees the overall aspects of our firm. Tom Zehnder is now our outstanding COO and he also came with some unique talents. Whoever thought we would be doing refinery work as mechanical engineers?! Jorge Aguilar is our newest Principal and also brought a unique skill: transportation engineering. (I still can’t even spell it…but Jorge knows what to do!) One of the best decisions of my early business life was to chase Rob Miller down the hall to hire him. He was walking out the door after being told we didn’t need any new staff at the time!
05/ 12/ 2014
Of course you all know this is bicycle week, which is part of bicycle month, which is an annual event put on by Rideshare of San Luis Obispo County. But did you know that this Friday May 16is Bike to Work Day? Well, it is. So dust off that old huffy or fill the tires of your Schwinn and do something for your planet and for your health, bike to work.  As an added incentive, stop by our aid station in front of Peet’s coffee on Higuera and receive a coveted Wallace Group water bottle. You must be on a bicycle and come that afternoon from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.  There will be other goodies as well so don’t be shy. Also, for those of you who have been peddling to work all week feel free to stop by the Wallace Group office to receive one of these cool water bottles.  Just tell the reception desk that you are doing your part for the planet and want a bottle! Congrats to Ben Jensen, Craig Campbell and Erik Rutherford for already doing their part and earning their very own bottles! Bike Giveaway2-02