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  • what we do

    We are service oriented professionals in Civil & Transportation Engineering, Construction Management, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Planning, Public Works Administration, Surveying / GIS Solutions, and Water Resources. We understand the importance of thoughtful collaboration in order to deliver meaningful, elegant and cost-effective planning, design and engineering solutions for the needs of our community.

  • who we are

    Wallace Group is a reflection of the communities we serve. We are neighbors, family members, active volunteers, professionals, and leaders in our business and personal communities. We believe in contributing, and we have a commitment to the long-term health and viability of our built environment.

  • why we do it

    Since our founding in 1984, our focus and passion has centered on the personal side of business. We value our partnerships; we believe in earning trust and work diligently to demonstrate integrity, fairness, and reliability to our clients and amongst our staff. At Wallace Group we love what we do and the value it provides to people. Our work reflects our Dedication to Service and results in high value services and quality products for our clients and our environment.

the latest news

10/ 17/ 2017
By Bianca Koenig  Wallace Group’s Ann Sever and Bianca Koenig were proud to help celebrate the grand opening of San Luis Obispo County Airport’s (SBP) newest terminal on Saturday, October 14th Guests parked on the airport apron and entered through the gangway, to experience the new terminal as if arriving by plane. The excitement kept building to discover six new passenger gates, the shell of a post-security concessions stand, and a glimpse of our favorite hangout-- the outdoor courtyard! Ann and Bianca Celebrate at the Grand Opening  We felt great responsibility in the design of the central courtyard. Not only will it be the first outdoor experience for guests arriving from out of town, but it will also be the first place guests will experience upon clearing the security checkpoint. Goals for the outdoor courtyard were to provide a sense of calm, as well as provide a preview of the regional landscape, unique to San Luis Obispo.  The most impressionable regional features, when flying, driving or hiking in San Luis Obispo, are undeniably, the Nine Sisters. These ancient volcanic peaks, are popularly referred to as the “Seven Sisters.” However, we wanted to represent all named, major peaks from Morro Bay to San Luis Obispo Airport, including Morro Rock, Black Hill, Cerro Cabrillo, Hollister Peak, Cerro Romauldo, Chumash Peak, Cerro San Luis, and Islay Hill. These are represented by nine boulders which approximately match the relative height and spacing of the real Nine Sisters. (We may or may not have also symbolically honored the two underwater peaks somewhere under the building foundation… ) In conjunction with the “Morros” which visually connect the two buildings, the two main planters were designed to represent coastal and agricultural lands. A weaving blue ribbon of glass aggregates links all features of the plaza like the creeks to the sea. Bold linear paving patterns provide the final backdrop as additional homage to the agricultural community which is integral to San Luis Obispo County. Design Team and County Reps Honored  Our team also prepared detailed hardscape, planting, and irrigation design for the main entry and parking areas of the new airport terminal. Bold bands work in concert with architectural features, while drought-tolerant trees frame the stunning views of the Cerros beyond. All planting areas utilize drought-tolerant, climate suitable plants bringing texture and drama to the courtyard experience, while the entry and parking areas connect visually to the gorgeous hills beyond.  Pet Relief Area After beginning the concept design back in 2013, it was truly a pleasure to watch the new terminal and grounds come to life on Saturday night. We are grateful for the opportunity to help build places where members and visitors of our community can create their own memories and experiences.  
09/ 26/ 2017
Vespera On Ocean celebrated its groundbreaking today in gorgeous Pismo Beach. Wallace Group surveying, civil engineering, and landscape architecture departments have been working closely to bring this bit of luxury to the Central Coast. This Marriott Autograph Hotel will be welcoming guests in late 2018. Thanks to Nexus for hosting this great milestone, for what will be a landmark project for the City of Pismo Beach.  
Vespera on Ocean

Vespera on Ocean

08/ 09/ 2017
At the end of June, we welcomed Mark's twins, Bronx and Austin, and in mid-July, we welcomed Jesse's baby, Lina! We might be a little biased, but we think our employees have some of the cutest babies around! Congrats to the parents! wallacegroup_babies wallacegroup_babies2
07/ 31/ 2017
Last week we celebrated Wallace Group’s 33rd Anniversary! As always, tasty food was a top priority: Old San Luis BBQ and SLO Mama Sweets. We enjoyed some sunny weather, riveting games of ping pong, and of course, each other’s company! We are so thankful to our employees, our Clients, and our community for supporting us for 33 wonderful years. Cheers to the next 33, everyone!  
07/ 21/ 2017
I was born and raised in San Diego, where I lived until I moved up to Morro Bay this past Spring! Growing up, my free time revolved around being near or on the ocean. I have one sibling, an older sister! I would say that having an older sister is like always having a babysitter, one that was much stronger than you and controlled what we watched on TV. I was homeschooled for my elementary school years, and in the Spring and Fall my parents would take me and my sister to the beach in the afternoons at least once a week, not to mention most days during the summer. I went through the San Diego Junior Lifeguard’s program for several years, and I swam and played water polo until high school, when I went to a small private school that didn’t have any aquatics programs. In addition to swimming and surfing, I have always loved fishing with my dad. A huge project that we worked on together was restoring an old Boston Whaler hull that the US Navy used for dolphin training. We patched all the holes in it, welded up a pilothouse for it, and repowered it. It took us 6 years, but we did it and it’s a fantastic fishing boat now! wallacegroup_jessec2 I wanted to work in construction from a young age, as my dad is a metal fabrication contractor that specializes in animal enclosures. I have worked since I was 16 at various jobs, including a sportboat landing in San Diego, Starbucks, swim instructor/lifeguard, and as a welder for my dad’s company. I have had the opportunity to work with my dad on projects at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Sea World, and the Orange County Zoo. My dad always encouraged me to find another career, so I decided to pursue a career in Civil Engineering. After my first year of San Diego State University, I realized that I got extremely lucky because I picked a degree in a field that I loved and enjoyed studying. Most of my friends changed majors after the first year, so it was a very satisfying feeling when I graduated. In 2015 I was given the opportunity to intern with the County of San Diego’s Construction Engineering department, where they ran capital improvement projects for the unincorporated parts of San Diego. This was my first step working in Civil Engineering and my introduction to Construction Management. I learned a great deal at that internship. On one project we installed new sidewalk on both sides of a mile long stretch of road. One of the residents came to me and told me that he now had an opportunity to walk to the store that was down the street. He could only walk on flat surfaces and would fall if he had to walk through the dirt that was there before. I was just the intern on that project, but I knew at that point that I wanted to stay in construction management from then on just so I could continue to be a part of improving people’s lives. wallacegroup_jessec3 While I was in school, I also met and married my beautiful wife, Rylie. I always loved visiting SLO when we would come to visit her family, so it was an easy choice to move up here after we got out of school. We got married in June 2016, and we just had our daughter earlier this month! Getting married, graduating college, moving 300 miles, starting a career with Wallace Group as an Assistant Resident Engineer, and having a baby is a huge transition in a little over a year, but it has been an incredible experience I get to share with Rylie, and we are so excited for our family’s future up here in San Luis Obispo. Questions not necessary in order of importance: Describe what you do at WG As an Assistant Resident Engineer, my duties are to provide backup to the head Resident Engineer (RE) by means of site inspection, documentation, project archiving, and processing submittals for projects that are in the construction phase. Additionally, I have been assisting the Survey Department in the field with construction staking for several projects. What are some of your favorite activities with WG? I have only been with WG for a month or so now, so unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of going on a company outing yet! However, I am looking forward to participating in the events thrown by the Fun Committee! What are you involved in outside WG? Just moved to SLO, still looking for the right places to get involved! Favorite pastime Going to the beach. Favorite movie The Dark Knight if I am feeling serious, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls for when I’m not. Favorite food Pad Thai with Chicken Describe your dream vacation. Southeast Pacific (Tahiti, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, ETC) What’s your favorite childhood memory? Fishing with my dad. What’s your secret ability? Competed in the World Championship of Bodysurfing twice. What is the furthest away from SLO have you been? Santa Clara, Cuba – 2,601.7 Miles