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  • what we do

    We are service oriented professionals in Civil & Transportation Engineering, Construction Management, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Planning, Public Works Administration, Surveying / GIS Solutions, and Water Resources. We understand the importance of thoughtful collaboration in order to deliver meaningful, elegant and cost-effective planning, design and engineering solutions for the needs of our community.

  • who we are

    Wallace Group is a reflection of the communities we serve. We are neighbors, family members, active volunteers, professionals, and leaders in our business and personal communities. We believe in contributing, and we have a commitment to the long-term health and viability of our built environment.

  • why we do it

    Since our founding in 1984, our focus and passion has centered on the personal side of business. We value our partnerships; we believe in earning trust and work diligently to demonstrate integrity, fairness, and reliability to our clients and amongst our staff. At Wallace Group we love what we do and the value it provides to people. Our work reflects our Dedication to Service and results in high value services and quality products for our clients and our environment.

the latest news

05/ 19/ 2017
Last Friday, some of our staff played in the 21st Annual Mesa Oaks Nipomo Rotary Golf Classic at Monarch Dunes Golf Course. Our CEO, Brad Brechwald, and Marketing Manager Chris Gardner brought their A game, but it was Kari Wagner, Director of Water Resources, that carried our team throughout the day with some powerful drives and impeccable form. But it was Mark Anelli from Morris and Garritano that rounded out our team and was definitely the best dressed. All in all, it was a fun, beautiful day that benefits the Paul Teixeria Rotary Bandstand!
05/ 16/ 2017
Our annual Bike Month Breakfast was a huge success! We had people lining up before the food was ready, and one awesome cyclist said that ours was the standard by which all bike breakfasts should be held to. We served nearly 100 burritos to cyclists of all ages and had a great time chatting with everyone and checking out their sweet rides. Our amazing staff executed the breakfast with efficiency and finesse. Thanks to everyone for attending! We can’t wait until next year.
05/ 15/ 2017
The Wallace Warriors stormed the beach of Morro Bay, California on Saturday morning to run for a cause in the Family Care Network’s 14th Annual Miracle Miles for Kids 10K walk/run. As always, friends and family rounded out our awesome team that participated in this event which helps thousands of children in our community. The weather was beautiful and even though our feet got a little wet, everyone had a great time! We’ll definitely be back for more next year!  
05/ 10/ 2017
I was born in the year of the Horse (1978) in Provo, Utah. I am the second of four siblings and have an older brother and two younger sisters who were adopted from Seoul, Korea and the island of Kiribati (pronounced kiri-bas) in the Marshall Islands. I grew up in the house my grandfather helped build and where my Mom spent part of her later childhood. In the complex socioeconomic strata of Provo, I believed we were living on the poverty line for a good portion of my childhood due to the fact that the Osmond families lived in the residential benches both above and below my own. Snow I had a relatively uneventful upbringing and eventually landed a coveted spot in the local private university, BYU. Prior to beginning my undergraduate degree I spent two years in a proselyting mission in the Dominican Republic. My mission years are some that I value and treasure greatly and helped to open my young eyes to the world around me. I no longer carry any delusion that I had ever been poor. I married my high school sweetheart months after returning from the Dominican Republic, and we welcomed our first son while I was in my final year at BYU. Our second son was born months after we moved from Utah to Boise, Idaho, and my wife deserves most of the credit for raising our kids in a loving, creative, and supportive environment. While engineering is my passion, the adventures and experiences I have shared with my wife and kids have been the most rewarding. wallacegroup_bhj I obtained my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering after 5 years due to working full time while in school and attempting both Accounting (that's a different kind of math!) and Construction Management for a short period of time. I began my career in Utah at a middle-size civil engineering firm specializing in all disciplines relating to transportation. When I accepted the job offer I mistakenly thought I was being hired to do water resource engineering since that is what I had highlighted in my interview. While I was occasionally presented with opportunities to try alternative disciplines, it didn't take long in roadway geometrics to realize I had hit on a personal passion. After 10 years my passion has deepened and intensified. A desire to be closer to my wife's family brought the four of us to the Central Coast four years ago, and we regularly marvel that we serendipitously ended up in a place that neither of us was familiar with prior to my interviewing with Wallace Group. While we had previously vacationed in Solvang, and secretly wished that we could end up living in such a destination, we never really imagined we would live in such beautiful and diverse place and with friends and colleagues that we truly care about! family Describe what you do at WG - As a transportation engineer, I work on a variety of multimodal projects and enjoy the unique functional and geometric aspects of each one. From the safe navigability of an intersection or roundabout for cars, bikes, and pedestrians to the system-wide planning support of large highway corridors, I am passionate about all aspects of our local transportation system. What are some of your favorite activities with WG? - Kayaking, Pismo Preserve hikes, working... What are you involved in outside WG? Charities - Safe Routes to School, Family Care Network (ie - MM4K Organizations - ASCE (Vice President) Service groups - Love participating in Rotary service projects when I have a chance Favorite pastime - Surfing, tennis with my family, brewing (and drinking) beer with friends Favorite movie - Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel Favorite food - Sushi and…Nachos… Describe your dream vacation - While I have had opportunities to visit various locals in North America someday I hope to do the whole European vacation (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK). What’s your favorite childhood memory? - Opening our Nintendo one Christmas morning and building bike jumps with my brother and friends. What’s your secret ability? I was a daily skateboarder during my high school years and can still occasionally land a 360 kickflip What is the furthest away from SLO have you been? - The Dominican Republic (do I win anything..?)        
05/ 08/ 2017
On Wednesday, May 3, the City of Salinas hosted a public outreach meeting to ask commuters and neighbors using Boronda Road east of US 101 how they would like see congestion relief improvements proceed.  Options discussed were roundabouts at intersections and a reduced width 4 lane arterial or signals at intersections with the necessary additional lanes for a 6 lane arterial and additional widening for turn moves at the intersections.  Wallace Group’s Principal in Charge of Civil and Transportation Engineering Jorge Aguilar is an expert on the advances, safety, and benefits of roundabouts and was on-hand to answer questions for the 80 to 100 stakeholders that attended. The Wallace Group team provided various exhibits and photo simulations that demonstrate how the roundabouts reduced speeds while allowing better overall traffic flow with less cost.  Safety at school and other pedestrian crossings would be expected to be enhanced due to the traffic calming and shorter crossing distances that the roundabouts were shown to provide.    roundabout meeting