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  • Wallace Group attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the City of West Richland’s Industrial Winery Water Treatment Plant, an innovative treatment facility sponsored by the City as a perk to draw wineries to the booming (and vineyard-friendly) tri-cities area of… read more.

  • Wallace Group family and friends hit the streets at the City to the Sea race this past weekend in Pismo Beach, California. It was a beautiful, sunny day full of Personal Records, good food, and a lot of fun. This… read more.

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    My name is Nick Sine, but you can call me Nick Opposite/Hypotenuse. I heard lots of sine jokes from my math teachers growing up, and I had one Spanish teacher who loved singing that horrible Ace of Base song… read more.

  • The Monterey APWA Chapter hosted their annual golf tournament in Seaside at the Bayonet/Black Horse Golf Course on Friday, September 30th. The beautiful but overcast morning hosted 80 golfers that took the day off to socialize and raise money for… read more.

  • Wallace Group maintains a long-standing business and personal friendship with the legendary John Jenks, now age 92. John followed in his father’s footsteps in sanitary engineering and founded Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, a national engineering firm with over 500 employees and 31 offices nation-wide. John… read more.

  • By Zach Morgan

    Mateo Cota was like any other toddler, full of energy, mischief and love. The Cota family of five was active in school and sports yet all that changed in a day. Just before Mateo’s 2nd birthday, he… read more.