Employee Spotlight: Sybil Regan February 2nd, 2017

Hi – I’m Sybil Regan. Most people who meet or know me – their first comment is that “I am always smiling”. Why am I always smiling? Life is GREAT!! I love my growing family, my home, and my job! I have been working in Wallace Group’s Marketing Department since 2011. I was born in Marin County and spent 7 years overseas during my high school and college prep years (3 in Saudi Arabia, 1 in Switzerland and 3 in England. I am still in contact with many of my roommates and good friends from my years there). I will always be thankful to my Mom and Dad for their bravery in moving to a foreign country and giving us kids (there are five of us!) the most awesome experiences of our lives . . . I still have the itch to travel.

I have been married 37 years to my husband Patrick, a former Marine Drill Instructor, and retired from Sanrio (Hello Kitty) after 30 years as Distribution Manager. He now works part time at Woods Humane Society – you’d be surprised at how much hard physical work it is, but he also gets to play a lot – and he brought home our precious doggie Joey. We have two amazing children of whom we are very proud of all their accomplishments . . . April, who is married to Brian and lives in San Jose, and Kyle, married to Thrudy, and lives in Burlingame. Kyle and Thrudy have blessed us with 1 grandson, Levi, and another grandson on the way in May.

After 31 years in the Bay Area “corporate” world, it was time to leave the rat race and move to “Paradise” for a “slo”er pace! It has been a dream come true to make the move to SLO. Living here on the Central Coast has given us some amazing opportunities to enjoy life to its fullest. We hike, bike, camp, take walks, play with Joey on the beach, enjoy awesome music, wine tasting, I’m learning how to play golf, and we’ve even seen whales while eating lunch . . . all within 30 minutes of our home! Our home has become a revolving B&B with many friends and family wanting to escape their busy lives for a weekend or weeks at a time down here. We love it!

  1. Describe what you do at WG
    1. I am a Marketing Coordinator and the highlight of my day are proposals – ranging from 3 pages to 100+ pages – making them “pretty” fulfills my desire to be creative . . . and when the company wins the jobs, it makes me giddy!
  2. What are some of your favorite activities with WG?
    1. I am a member of the Fun Committee, and we always come up with some really fun and eclectic ideas for activities to get our team together outside of work.
  3. Favorite pastime
    1. I love to cook, read, ride bikes, travel, watch movies, play games, listen to music, and hang out with my honeys (Patrick and Joey).
  4. Favorite movie
    1. Mama Mia – ALWAYS makes me smile and want to get up and dance.
  5. Favorite food
    1. When I’m off my diet?! Starbucks Hot Chocolate, Pizza, ice cream, tacos, any kind of cookies . . . When I’m on my diet – toast with nut butter and clementines . . .
  6. Describe your dream vacation.
    1. Anywhere tropical and cruises . . . Since living overseas we have been back to Europe twice, visited Greece, Belize, Jamaica, Hawaii, and Mexico. This year we will be going to Costa Rica, and our goal is to get to Australia and New Zealand within the next 5 years.
  7. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
    1. Sledding with my family in Tahoe – and I DO NOT like the snow but it was soooooo much fun!
  8. What’s your secret ability?
    1. I don’t have one that I know of . . . must still be a secret. What is the furthest away from SLO have you been?
    1. Either Saudi Arabia or Greece
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