Happy Holidays from Wallace Group December 12th, 2012

Our 2012 Holiday Card
68 Favorite Things Revealed:


1-55. Our People 

At Wallace Group our people are our most valuable resource. We are neighbors, family members, active volunteers, professionals and leaders in our business and personal communities. Visit Our People  page to meet the team!

56. John L. Wallace, 1966

John L. Wallace began his engineering career in public services, with the Los Angeles County Flood Control District. Find out more about Our History

57. The Wallace Group Logo

Our logo represents the diversity of Wallace Group and how our team works together with each other and with our surroundings in simple yet rich harmony. Find out more about our logo on the Company page.

58. Rob Miller’s Epic Surfboard

You may have heard that Rob Miller’s board is legendary for its indestructible nature. He’s been surfing on the same 6’ 2”, custom-shaped,  tri-fin, square tail, surfboard since he was 15 years old.  The board (and Rob!) had once been stuck and hammered by waves in the pilings of the Cayucos pier,  and still survived!

59. TF-1000 Basketball

B is for Basketball is for Brad Brechwald. The man lives for basketball and he’s got a fractured finger and an ER visit to prove it.

60. Mountain Bike

Where ever Tom Zehnder goes, the trails call his name. Whether by bike or by foot don’t join him on the trail unless you are fully trained and experienced! He’s already planning his next 18 mile, one-day hike…

61. Running Shoes

Craig Campbell has a lot of running shoes, but this pair is his most favorite. (Shortly after I photographed Craig’s running shoes I went straight for the blue Dawn soap to wash off any chance of poison oak!)

62. Tractor

Hacker at heart … Jorge Aguilar goes through phases but one thing is constant, he’s always doing something new!  Surfing or marathoning, guitar or tractor work there’s always a new focus or project.  Now it’s country living, Jorge is clearing land, building fences and riding high on a tractor during the weekends on a few acres outside of Arroyo Grande.  Anyone remember the show “Green Acres” … well that’s Jorge’s latest something new!

63. Pine Wood Derby Car  

This past summer we held the 13th Annual Pine-Wood Derby Contest at the Annual Company BBQ.

64. Our Team- Past and Future

Our 2011 holiday card adorns the mantel for this year’s card. View our Open Positions to find out how you can join our team.

65-66. Bistro & Mojo

We held a “Best Pet Photo Contest” at the office, and I promise Marketing Manager Susan K. Lee was not involved with the voting, but her beautiful Pekingese friends still made the card!

Bistro (front/red)-Big people flirt, indifferent to any other dogs but Mojo (who is actually his dog if you ask him). Mojo (left/blond)-Big dog flirt, indifferent to people really… Yes the tongue is ALWAYS sticking out.

Meet the Runner Up’s for Best Pet Photo

67. Wallace Group Headquarters

Yes, that’s the Wallace Group headquarters framed and featured above the fireplace, set in the beautiful foothills of San Luis Obispo. We’ve been at a few other locations around town, but we’re all glad to be back under one roof! Don’t be shy to Contact us!

68. Where’s Waldo?

Because everyone has an international traveler visiting them for the holidays right? Or is that just me?

Thanks for visiting our new website!

-Bianca Koenig

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