Project Spotlight: San Miguel Community Park Expansion January 11th, 2017

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the San Miguel Community Park Expansion Project was held on December 16th that kicked off the construction of the 5-acre community park in the heart of San Miguel. With the recent restoration of the historic Mission San Miguel, the downtown streetscape enhancements, and the recently constructed San Miguel Gateway Monuments, the city has significant new community assets in place. The San Miguel Community Park Expansion Project will offer opportunities for community gatherings, increased recreational opportunities, venues, and commerce that will attract visitors to the town of San Miguel and help fuel its redevelopment.




The existing park is currently bisected by K Street creating two small, narrow park areas. The proposed expansion project will remove one block of K Street by paving and underground the existing overhead utilities between 12th and 13th Streets. Removing the stretch of K Street that goes through the park will divert traffic to L Street thus requiring L Street to be widened. WG is also involved in the L Street Widening project. These different but interconnected projects are tied together by a grant. Additional park improvements include creating a multiuse sports field, ornamental landscaping, LID Bioretention facilities, water efficient irrigation, custom park signs, park furnishings, playground enhancement, fencing, multi-use trail, sidewalk, and parking lot. Challenges included a tight construction budget, working with non-existent storm drain facilities, pedestrian and user safety, salvaging as many existing trees as possible, and designing around an existing residence. The challenges were vetted and creative design solutions reigned as an exceptional product was delivered on time and within budget thanks to the hard work of many!

The project exemplifies a successful multi-discipline effort from Wallace Group. Led by the Landscape Architecture Department, Brandon Medeiros, our Director of Landscape Architecture, managed the conceptual design, community engagement process, and development of the bid documents. Our Landscape Architecture team handled irrigation, hardscape, specifications, and planting design! Our team of Civil Engineers tackled the Caltrans specifications, grading, drainage, technical memorandum, and provided drafting support. Our Survey Department prepared the topographic, boundary, and easement base map. Other WG efforts included community engagement support, PG&E and underground utility coordination, and offsite road design improvements.

Construction completion is scheduled for summer of 2017! We are happy to be a part of this incredible project, and we are proud of all of our employees who helped make this a reality for the wonderful community of San Miguel!


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