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  • what we do

    We are service oriented professionals in Civil Engineering & Transportation Engineering, Construction Management, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Planning, Public Works Administration, Surveying / GIS Solutions, and Water Resources. We understand the importance of thoughtful collaboration in order to deliver meaningful, elegant and cost-effective planning, design and civil engineering solutions for the needs of our community.

  • who we are

    Wallace Group is a reflection of the communities we serve. We are neighbors, family members, active volunteers, professionals, and leaders in our business and personal communities. We believe in contributing, and we have a commitment to the long-term health and viability of our built environment.

  • why we do it

    Since our founding in San Luis Obispo in 1984, our focus and passion has centered on the personal side of business. We value our partnerships; we believe in earning trust and work diligently to demonstrate integrity, fairness, and reliability to our clients and amongst our staff. At Wallace Group we love what we do and the value it provides to people. Our work reflects our Dedication to Service and results in high value services for our clients and our environment.

the latest news

05/ 21/ 2019
Wallace Group Kylie CastleHello! My name is Kylie and I have had the pleasure of working at Wallace Group for close to two years now. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara I wanted to move closer to my family in Cambria, somehow got lucky and wound up in the middle. I am the oldest of three, two girls, one boy. We moved from Fresno when I was in middle school – in retrospect a big turning point in my life. As resistant as I was in the beginning (teenage rage and all) I quickly gained admiration for the pines by the sea. Being from such a small town I was able to get involved in everything, learning the importance of community and education.Wallace Group Kylie Castle I studied Communication at UCSB, which is much different from most university programs. The program is theory-based, centering on human communication research, from relational/familial settings, to media, and even law. Essentially, I wasn’t practicing speeches or developing marketing plans. My major instilled a great love of writing, and what comes in most handy at Wallace Group – editing! Describe what you do at WG As a marketing coordinator I handle all proposals, large and small. I keep track of our clients and contracts, as well as subconsultants. I also write posts for all of our social media pages and website. What are some of your favorite activities with WG? Book club - We’ve been reading some thrilling mysteries. What are you involved in outside WG? I am involved in an organization called FeelGood, a student-run enterprise dedicated to the eradication of extreme hunger and poverty. There are 25 chapters across the US on college campuses, where students run their own fundraising campaigns, mostly through making and selling grilled cheese! I was co-president of one of these chapters at UCSB, where we would cater, set up delis with our panini presses, and sometimes even deliver grilled cheese. All proceeds from these events are given directly to four non-profit organizations, each addressing several of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. I’ve been lucky enough to work with them these past 5 years, and even had the opportunity to witness hands on the ground in an expedition to Peru. I currently serve as an alumni volunteer, assisting the chapter at UC Berkeley. Favorite pastime Napping! Or reading. . . or reading until it turns into a nap Favorite movie Mamma Mia (and now Mamma Mia 2) – I will sing the whole movie Favorite food Sushi or tamales Describe your dream vacation. Laying on a beach under the sun in Greece, where I truly belong, I’m a little bit Greek and Armenian What’s your favorite childhood memory? Shucking pomegranates with my siblings, we had a beautiful tree outside our childhood home. Our little hands were always stained red. What’s your secret ability? I am pretty crafty – I make jewelry on the side as a hobby What is the furthest away from SLO you’ve been? I studied abroad in Rome, Italy and Madrid, Spain for a quarter – but I think Rome is the farthest Wallace Group Kylie Castle
05/ 16/ 2019
Kyle Anderson of our Water Resources department (pictured right) traveled to Sacramento with ACEC to lobby our local legislators on issues important to Central Coast engineering firms. Kyle met with staff members for Senator William Monning, Assembly member Jordan Cunningham, and Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson.
05/ 10/ 2019
When asked where I was born, I like to share the fact that I was born ‘on’ Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, but quickly follow it up that it was at the Kaiser Permanente hospital located there. I was born to parents of varying degrees of heritage with my Mom being a descendant of one of  the Mayflower pilgrims and my Dad having immigrated from Ireland in his early 20’s. I spent my elementary and junior high days in South Pasadena in relatively small schools, then found myself my at a large high school, Los Alamitos, for 9-12th grade.  The switch came from a family dynamic change that led me to moving in with a childhood friend, Dawn, and her Mother. We started calling each other sisters after a while and continue to do so to this day. I had decided in 8th grade that I wanted to be an architect and took drafting all four years in high school,  and was accepted in the Architecture program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. It took 6 years of schooling to graduate, and I decided to stay in the area afterwards which lent to reinventing my career goals to make a living in SLO. Almost 30 years later I am still here, except for some short periods of living in OC and SB to explore some other ventures. About 20 years ago I opened a cultural drum and dance studio in SLO, World Rhythm & Motion, and that continues to offer classes to the community. My 9 year-old daughter, Jalilah, and I both love to dance in our personal choice of genres. 4 years ago I was hired at Wallace Group as their Office Manager, and at the beginning of this year I have become the Human Resources Manager for the company. Questions not necessary in order of importance: Describe what you do at WG Right now, I am overseeing the office management with help from a great team of administrative assistants. Along with human resources tasks related to recruiting, benefits administration, and employment laws. What are some of your favorite activities with WG? I have enjoyed some of the Fun Committee events like kayaking, ziplining, and going to the PCPA shows. What are you involved in outside WG? I choreograph and direct dances for the Cal Poly Arab Music Ensemble for 10+ years. I also run World Rhythm & Motion dance studio. Favorite pastime Spending time with my daughter, hiking, reading, traveling, and dance of course! Favorite movie I always get stumped on this question as there are so many that I have loved through the years. An easy fallback on is “The Princess Bride.” Favorite food Mediterranean and dark chocolate Describe your dream vacation. Wow, so many to name…Spain, Greece, France, or back to Italy, Scotland, Egypt. But a true vacation where I mostly relaxed, I would chose the island of Palau where a close college friend is from and I have always wanted to visit. What’s your favorite childhood memory? Exploring the canyons, streams and other places of nature around our town of South Pasadena with my brother. What’s your secret ability? (expert pool player, play the harmonica, know how to tap dance) Learning just about any dance genre (some definitely better than others though!) What is the furthest away from SLO have you been? Egypt a few times.
05/ 07/ 2019
Wallace Group fun committee took to the woods last weekend with a campout fit for Henry Thoreau.  Hikes to waterfalls, beaches and to the ice chest were part of the highlights.  Other activities included bubble blowing, fire starting, elbow bending and smores galore. See what fun it is to work at Wallace Group?  
05/ 01/ 2019
If you live, visit or work in Paso Robles, you’ve likely noticed the construction on 13th Street near Park and Pine Streets lately with paving operations coming soon!  The City has been diligently working with its Contractors to improve the roadway, sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks as part of its downtown revitalization program. The enhancements you’re seeing constructed will create a more attractive pedestrian experience and a safer environment for cars, bikes and pedestrians.  Kudos go to the Public Works Department for this great project and thank you to Ditas Esperanza, the City’s Project Manager, for sharing some of these pictures. Wallace Group Paso Robles ProjectWallace Group Paso Robles ProjectWallace Group Paso Robles Project