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  • what we do

    We are service oriented professionals in Civil & Transportation Engineering, Construction Management, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Planning, Public Works Administration, Surveying / GIS Solutions, and Water Resources. We understand the importance of thoughtful collaboration in order to deliver meaningful, elegant and cost-effective planning, design and engineering solutions for the needs of our community.

  • who we are

    Wallace Group is a reflection of the communities we serve. We are neighbors, family members, active volunteers, professionals, and leaders in our business and personal communities. We believe in contributing, and we have a commitment to the long-term health and viability of our built environment.

  • why we do it

    Since our founding in 1984, our focus and passion has centered on the personal side of business. We value our partnerships; we believe in earning trust and work diligently to demonstrate integrity, fairness, and reliability to our clients and amongst our staff. At Wallace Group we love what we do and the value it provides to people. Our work reflects our Dedication to Service and results in high value services and quality products for our clients and our environment.

the latest news

07/ 19/ 2018
Today marks ‘Get to Know your Customers’ Day, a national observance occurring once a quarter. As part of this observance, we would like to introduce one of our newest customers, the San Diego Zoo. We are supporting a new water recycling facility at the zoo’s safari park, utilizing our experience with pre-packaged treatment solutions. Spanning over 1,800 acres, the safari park is a sprawling wildlife sanctuary and a protected native species habitat. It is home to over 3,000 animals and a botanical collection of 3,500 species and 1.75 million specimens, making water a huge priority for developing and maintaining the habitat.
07/ 10/ 2018
Wallace Group's Matthew Parker was recently informed he successfully passed the professional landscape architecture licensure exams! This achievement is extremely noteworthy as he has put the work in and out of the office in preparations of these exams. As many of you know, Matthew is passionate in his work and a valued company team member. He is FUN, extremely creative, talented, reliable, self-motivated and an absolute pleasure to work with. He also continues to challenge his technical abilities by being cross-trained and now supports multiple departments on a variety of projects. We continue to be excited in his professional growth!  
06/ 27/ 2018
Our very own civil engineer, Sarah Huffman, presented on roundabout and channelized turn lane accessibility challenges for the visually impaired to a group of eager coworkers today. She recently attended a conference where she learned how to make designs as intuitive as possible for blind people, especially those traveling to unfamiliar intersections. Sarah provided a valuable educational opportunity, teaching us about various design treatments and how they can make a big difference. Thank you Sarah!

Sarah H Presentation

06/ 18/ 2018
Earlier this year Montecito, California was ravaged by wildfires, heavy rains and mudslides resulting in a massive cleanup of the horrific amount of debris incurred. The Wallace Group survey team has been assisting in these efforts by calculating how much debris basins in this area can hold in the future. Using a scanner and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) the team took orthorectified photos, removing the angles and tilts of a photo, resulting in a true representation of the positions of the image. A large photo of the entire work area will then be used to create a map for developing a volume calculation of the debris basins. With this calculation Montecito can improve future disaster plans, should these events take place again.  Watch a short video of the area at   https://youtu.be/YUaJysTT7Qo    
06/ 13/ 2018
In 1984 John Wallace helped start the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. On June 13, 2018 Wallace Group was named 2017 Business of the Year by the same club. Wallace Group COO Thomas Zehnder, Founder John Wallace and Business Development Manager Chris Gardner were on-hand to receive the award and were surprised and pleased to be recognized by this amazing organization. “The mission of Rotary and of Wallace Group align, so being active in this wonderful organization is an honor and a privilege,” said Zehnder.