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  • To Our Clients and Community

    With Central Coast County’s recent shelter in place mandates, Wallace Group is moving quickly to ensure minimal interruption in providing our services. It’s no secret that in just a few short weeks much has changed and every one of us has been affected by the spread of COVID-19. Wallace Group as a company and family are no different and have taken measures to protect our co-workers and clients. We are staying current on the Center of Disease Control (CDC) recommended responses and implementing them accordingly. We will keep you updated as our situation evolves. Fortunately, we have the plans and ability to meet our obligations to our clients and team members.

    Full message is in our latest news section

the latest news

09/ 21/ 2020
I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but spent most of my childhood growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the time, my dream job was to be a video game designer. When I was 14, me and my mom (I’m an only child) packed up and headed for the west coast – Ventura. During high school, I was heavily involved with my school’s robotics team and was a guest engineering teacher at the local Boys and Girls Clubs. Since then, I was accepted to Cal Poly and got my BS and MS in Agricultural Engineering and Civil Engineering (respectively). I fell in love with the area and decided I didn’t want to leave, which is part of the reason I sought out a job at WG. Lately I’ve been biking a lot, and online gaming with my DnD group since we’re not out of the house much these days. What are you involved in outside WG? Charities: Blood Donor – as often as I can! Lie on a chair for a few minutes and get free cookies? What could be a better deal? Organizations: First Robotics- I was a founding member and president of a competitive robotics team at my high school, and have gone back from time to time to volunteer at their events. Getting to mess around in the machine shop, learn the basics of Arduino, and make the occasional potato cannon is what made me want to study engineering! Cal Poly Quarter Scale Tractor Design Team - The younger brother of the Cal Poly Tractor Pull team, I spent most of my free time freshman and sophomore year in the shops machining for the Cal Poly Quarter Scale Tractor Design team. Each year, your team must identify a target market (e.g. orchards, rice fields, etc.) and design and build from scratch a small tractor to sell to that market. Then, all teams compete in Peoria, IL to industry judges. We even got to design and machine our own transmission, along with fabricating the rest of the tractor. Favorite pastime? The only quarantine hobby that stuck with me so far has been cycling – roads or mountains, it’s all good to me! I’ve been able to explore so much more of the SLO area on my bikes. Favorite movie? I don’t watch too many movies so I can’t choose a favorite…but I’m on my 3rd or 4th re-watch of Parks and Rec at the moment! Favorite food? Sushi (no shrimp though, I’m allergic ☹) Describe your dream vacation. Recently I’ve been dreaming of a 7+ day European bike packing trip – across the Alps into Switzerland maybe? What’s your favorite childhood memory? Playing my Nintendo DS in the backseat of the car on a long road trip. What’s your secret ability? I’m a podcast junkie – I’ll listen to 5+ hours of podcasts a day if I’m not careful (not sure if that counts as an ability). What is the furthest away from SLO have you been? I took a tour bus around France with my AP French class in high school and I’d love to go back and spend some extended time in Nice or Mont St-Michel since we were on a pretty tight schedule the first time.
08/ 27/ 2020
Born and raised in Paso Robles, CA my twin sister and I grew up wearing hoodies when it was 105 deg F like it was no big deal. After graduating from Paso High and CalPoly with BS & MS degrees in Civil & Environmental Engineering, I moved to Indianapolis where I would wear t-shirts when it was 15 deg F like it was no big deal. In Indiana I worked on developing a biological wastewater treatment reactor technology which now seems to be gaining some traction. I moved back to the Central Coast (Santa Margarita woop!woop!) to be closer to family and worked for a local water/wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer. Between gigantic mudslides and during a light drizzle my wife and I managed to get eloped on the Big Sur River in March of 2017. I joined the Wallace Group’s Mechanical Dept in first half of 2019 and at time of writing (second half of 2019) things are going swimmingly. 😊 Describe what you do at WG ? Magic. What are some of your favorite activities with WG? Still new haven’t participated in many yet except for razzing Bill. I am looking forward to my first trip Hearst Castle though… What are you involved in outside WG? Not apart of any service groups or charities right now but I was a Boardmember of Central Coast Salmon Enhancement, now called Creeklands… check ‘em out! Favorite pastime? Fly fishing Favorite movie? Too many to choose from but The Sandlot, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and Hitchcock flicks are up there. Favorite food? Al pastor burritos Describe your dream vacation – A place where the beer flows like wine where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano What’s your favorite childhood memory? Playing baseball in my very own neighborhood’s sandlot until the sun came down on a hot summer evening – also rolling in cardboard boxes down a giant hill and hoping we didn’t smash into any oaks. What’s your secret ability? (expert pool player, play the harmonica, know how to tap dance) I make the perfect over-medium egg and I can throw a wicked knuckle ball. What is the furthest away from SLO have you been? Costa Rica
08/ 10/ 2020
Originally from Boston Massachusetts, graduated in 1985 then joined the US Navy.  Spent 18 months on the USS Constellation CV-64 Aircraft Carrier as an Electrician, then spent 18 + years in the “Seabees” as a Builder.  Traveled quite a bit working, learning and playing softball. Retired in 2005 and in 2007 moved to Paso Robles CA.  Oh yeah, I lost my “BASTON” accent a long time ago.  Working with public agencies for the last 12+ years on new and renovation projects. Joined Wallace Group to work with a great local and respected firm in Sep 2019. Married for 11 years with a mixed family of 5 children.  All are doing well and life is good living near SLO Town USA. Describe what you do at WG? I am a Senior Construction Inspector 1 or Construction Inspections and Construction Management, assist with ensuring Quality Assurance for our clients. Work with the entire project team from Owner, Contractor, Design Team and other consultants. What are some of your favorite activities with WG? Interaction with the entire team and learning all the time.What are you involved in outside WG? Family, Softball and the Outdoors Camping and FishingCharities: American Legion and My ChildrenOrganizations: APWA and CMAAService groups: American Legion and DAV.Favorite pastime: SoftballFavorite movie: Heartbreak Ridge (Clint Eastwood)Favorite food: Town Spa Pizza (Hometown favorite, Stoughton MA)Describe your dream vacation.  4 months traveling North America in my 5th wheel with my wife.What’s your favorite childhood memory?  Blizzard of “78”, 6 feet of snowWhat’s your secret ability? It’s a SecretWhat is the furthest away from SLO have you been? Tokyo, Okinawa, Seoul Korea, Spain, Italy, France, Sicily, Ireland, Germany, Guam, Newfoundland, Puerto Rico, Cabo
06/ 11/ 2020
Bee Sweet Citrus was founded in 1987 as an independent packer and shipper of California oranges. As their business began to grow, so too did the number of citrus varieties they provide. Now Bee Sweet is a prominent leader in California’s citrus industry. Recently they opened an amazing new wash line in Nipomo. Wallace Group provided engineering services to Bee Sweet Citrus from the planning phase through construction of their Central Coast Wash Line facility. The facility replaces the use of pesticides in the orchards with a simple sanitation process, in order to control the Asian Citrus Psyllid. https://youtu.be/6uaTZNaqpMA
05/ 01/ 2020
Wallace Group is hiring and our careers page made a cameo appearance on KSBY! The story is about the new online resource for Central Coast job seekers built by the Economic Vitality Corporation. Wallace Group pictured kayaking in Morro Bay.