Courtside Cellars Winery

San Miguel, CA – Courtside Cellars, a highly-successful custom crush facility started by a local owner group, has been operating in the San Miguel area of San Luis Obispo County since 2001.  Courtside retained Wallace Group to assist with the planning, permitting, and civil engineering design for the new 35,000 ton-per-year winemaking facility that would include on-site crushing, blending and bottling.  Our work included all facets of the civil engineering of the facility including transportation and circulation, grading and storm water management, water supply, storage, and treatment, and process wastewater management.  Wallace Group has also had the pleasure of participating in over five expansion phases as Courtside’s business had flourished over the years. 

 In addition to the wine production facility, Wallace Group provided the planning and design of the winery’s on-site process wastewater treatment pond and effluent disposal system.  Wallace Group examined the geology, soils, hydrology, geography and climate of the site to help assess the most feasible wastewater treatment system for the winery.  It was decided that the most feasible system for the San Miguel Winery was an aerated facultative pond, combined with effluent recycling and off-site percolation disposal.  The facultative pond utilizes an Advanced Integrated Pond System (AIPS) to minimize energy requirements and capital cost, while complying with State requirements for effluent quality.  We also provide civil engineering design and land use permitting for a 1 megawatt land-based solar array, which currently generates up to 80% of the facility’s electrical needs.

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