Airport Commercial Center

San Luis Obispo, CA – The Airport Commercial Center Project is a three-phase project located on a 12-acre site fronting Highway 227 and Farmhouse Lane. This four parcel development lies within both the County and City of San Luis Obispo limits. Part of a major new commercial/service area at the entrance to the City, this project is directly across the highway from San Luis Obispo Airport.

The first phase, a five-acre parcel, has been developed and is now occupied by Really Right Stuff, a prestigious photographic equipment manufacturer. The development includes a 10,000 square foot building, a 54-stall parking lot, a 33,900 CF retention basin, Low Impact Development (LID) features, and landscaping. The LID components were designed to provide for the control of storm water and treat run-off from the parking lot. The site grading is designed to direct all parking lot storm water flow to the landscape planters where the Bioretention systems are located. The planters are sized to catch the “first storm” event (a 1” storm) with any overflow directed to the retention basin. The planters have curb cuts to allow the parking lot water to enter them and plants that can tolerate standing water at their base for short periods.

This area is being recognized by the City and County as the major light industry campus in San Luis Obispo. Wallace Group has provided the planning, landscape architecture, surveying, and civil engineering services for the project and is now processing an annexation of an additional portion of the property into the City.

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