Water Transmission Line

Avila Beach, CA – When the small coastal town of Avila Beach was redeveloped following the clean-up of an underground oil spill, a study showed the Community Services District needed a new water distribution pipeline that could provide adequate fire suppression to the community. To increase the availability of water for those needs, a new water storage tank and transmission line was needed. Wallace Group generated the water hydraulic model that confirmed the new transmission line could deliver the required flow rates to the new developments. We also determined that 520,000 gallons of additional storage would meet current fire suppression and future development needs.

Our company, acting as District Engineer, negotiated with Unocal Corporation for an elevated water storage tank site located adjacent to the District’s existing tank site on Unocal property. The new tank pad required a secondary oil spill containment berm that was landscaped to provide a visual buffer.

The Avila Beach Community Services District was required to adopt a mitigated negative declaration for the project to address possible environmental impacts. The environmental review identified potentially significant impacts due to hazardous materials, archaeological and visual resources present, as well as environmental impact from erosion and sedimentation.

A number of design considerations were taken to address all of these issues. Wallace Group provided full services, including design, bid assistance, office engineering services, construction management, and inspection services throughout the term of the project.

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