Costco Solar Panels

San Luis Obispo, CA – In order to begin the design and layout of a commercial building solar array project, precise spatial knowledge of the site-the roof- needs to exist. Having this information means that when creating a design plan, the layout can be so accurate that installation of the roof-mounted solar arrays can be done with fewer unforeseen changes during construction. Fewer changes reduces delays as well as costs. 

Wallace Group Surveyors utilize current technology to map the roof and the objects on the site and will then compile this information into an AutoCAD base map. Rather than relying on the architectural plans or an unverified record drawing of the roof, the new map allows the solar designer to create the design using real world measurements. Information on the map includes location and height of: 

  • The roof itself, including various roof features such as the rib line of roof panels and roof ridge line
  • Parapets, including the corners of the roof and the parapet step locations
  • Skylights and smoke vents
  • HVAC equipment
  • Vents
  • Vertical stand pipes
  • Access points
  • Fixed in place conduits

 Additional features will be identified as needed. An example of the work product we will prepare for your project is included inside.

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