Woodlands WWTP

Nipomo, CA – For The Woodlands development in Nipomo, Wallace Group master-planned and designed its water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, and recycled water systems through planning, design and construction.

Water facilities included four on-site water wells, disinfection facilities, three 0.51 MG storage tanks, a booster station capable of handling domestic and fire protection flows, and the water distribution system to serve the development.

In addition, Wallace Group provided water and wastewater facility control design, engineer’s report and operating budget, rate analysis and reserve analysis. The design of each of these facilities incorporated SCADA controls and equipment to monitor the various key operational parameters. We also secured water system permitting through the California Department of Public Health and the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).

Wallace Group designed a regional lift station and a 0.7 mgd low-energy, environmentally friendly and sustainable tertiary wastewater treatment plant (pond system) capable of producing high quality tertiary effluent for reuse/landscape irrigation of the on-site golf course.

This pond technology utilizes natural sunlight, algae and photosynthesis to “fuel” most of the oxygen required for biological treatment, with assistance from limited mechanical aeration.

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