Woodlands Water Distribution

Nipomo, CA – Woodlands Booster Station and Water Storage Tanks: For The Woodlands development in Nipomo, Wallace Group master-planned and designed its water supply system through planning, design and construction.

Our Water Resources Department prepared analyses of the water system, to serve all phases of planning, design and construction, and specifically address on-site water storage and pumping needs.

For the water distribution system, Wallace Group designed three welded steel water storage tanks totaling 510,000 gallons, and a 2,000 gpm booster station to deliver water at adequate service pressure and fire suppression flow requirements. The water storage tanks were designed and constructed to meet AWWA D-100 standards for seismic protection, including anchoring system, flexible piping connections, cathodic protection and other amenities.  The booster station is comprised of six pumps ranging from a small 10 hp jockey pump to provide water service during low flow demands to 40 hp, 1,000 gpm fire flow pumps. The booster station operates on variable frequency drives (VFD) to maintain constant system pressures.

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