Pismo Heights Booster Station

Pismo Beach, CA – Through the Water Master Planning effort, completed by Wallace Group in 2004, the Heights Tank and Booster Station was identified as a First Priority Capital Improvement Project due the existing facility’s inability to provide adequate storage and fire flow protection to the hillside known as the Heights. This neighborhood is a very prominent neighborhood with beautiful views overlooking the Pacific Ocean. On a small and challenging hillside lot, Wallace Group provided engineering services to construct a new 220,000 gallon partially buried concrete tank, adjoining the existing 220,000 gallon partially buried concrete tank, which required deep excavation very near an existing adjacent two-story home. The project included the design and construction of a new booster station building adjacent to the existing tank and road, and water pipeline upgrades throughout the area which posed significant traffic challenges. The new booster station incorporated four 15-hp variable frequency drive (VFD) jockey pumps to supply domestic demand, two 125-hp VFD fire pumps to provide the hillside with sufficient fire flows, new electrical, controls, and standby generator. The site improvements included all new retaining walls and screen walls to hold back soil between the site access/parking area and a neighboring property, two new parking stalls for City Staff, drainage modifications, and reconstruction of the failing street.

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