Salinas River Vision Plan

Paso Robles, CA – The Salinas River runs through the heart of the City of Paso Robles and has always been lovingly embraced by its citizens. It is a thriving corridor and a natural resource treasured for the wildlife habitats and its importance as open space. With full support and participation from the public, the City and other stakeholders, Wallace Group was appointed to compile, refine, and develop the Vision Plan for the five-mile segment of the river associated with the City. The goal of the plan is to envision a framework for the corridor that would enhance the natural and open space resource with recreational and educational opportunities and integrate these into the physical, social, and economic fabric of the community. Regional and local connectivity between the river and the community are among the top priorities. To achieve this connectivity, the Vision Plan identified gateways, view corridors, and primary access ways such as tree-lined boulevards that are key links. It incorporates a recreational program integrated with community, its open space network, and neighborhood parks. The recreational program provides equestrian staging areas, an extensive network of multi-modal and river trails with trail heads, pedestrian river crossings, overlooks, and educational nodes where interpretive exhibits and media highlight the marvels of nature.

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