Intersections at LOVR

San Luis Obispo, CA – Wallace Group prepared the roadway improvement plans for the road widening and associated intersection improvements along Los Osos Valley Road (LOVR) related to the development of Irish Hills Plaza (Costco, Home Depot) and Prefumo Creek Commons (Target) Commercial Centers.  Improvements were made to two intersections along LOVR, Madonna Road and LOVR, and Froom Ranch Way (FRW) and LOVR.  Included in the overall improvements to the intersections was a new Bioswale along LOVR, utility coordination and design of new utility laterals to the new commercial center, storm drain inlet design, and traffic striping and signage throughout the LOVR corridor.

The LOVR/Madonna Road Intersection was widened to accommodate an additional northbound through lane, and a reconfiguration of the traffic signals to accommodate this widening.  Curb, gutter, sidewalk and ADA compliant ramps were also designed and constructed at this newly widened intersection.

The LOVR/FRW intersection portion of the project consisted of 950 feet of new roadway, additional dedicated turn lanes into the new commercial center in both the northbound and southbound directions on LOVR, a right turn lane along LOVR into the commercial center, the reconfiguration of the existing traffic signal, and improved pedestrian access through the intersection.  The Prefumo Creek Commons Commercial Center area will continue to grow and therefore, the design of FRW included provisions for a future widening and bridge over Prefumo Creek.

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