Avila Bluff Erosion Repair

Avila Beach, CA – Avila Beach Drive, the access route to Port San Luis and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in Avila Beach, California, is a coastal roadway maintained by the San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department. Wave action and erosion of the coastal bluff undermined a portion of the roadway and shoulder. The County enlisted the help of Wallace Group to provide professional planning, land survey, and engineering services to design and permit an emergency repair of the failing coastal bluff.

A soil nail retaining wall finished with shotcrete sculpted and colored to mimic the adjacent bluff was selected by the County as the preferred repair solution. Wallace Group served as the Project Manager in preparing construction documents which included plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the emergency Coastal repair project. A significant part of this effort was to facilitate coordination and communication among diverse agencies, stakeholders and sub-consultants that included: California Coastal Commission, Harbor District, PG&E, and Chevron Oil; as well as Geo-technical engineers, soil nail and shotcrete sculpting specialists, and environmental consultants.

Wallace Group provided the proactive project management, team organization and focused direction necessary to successfully deliver a complete design and bid document package in less than one month. Traffic control, drainage facilities repair, and erosion and sediment control that addressed tidal action and existing infrastructure were integrated into the construction solution, as were a marine wildlife contingency plan and a spill response and recovery plan. On-time completion and delivery of the project package ensured that the County completed the emergency repair construction before the next rainy season.

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