Employee Spotlight: Brandon Medeiros April 6th, 2018

My story begins in Gilroy, California where I grew up in the country, alongside lots of open space, animals and a much smaller Gilroy than what exists today. Some like to refer to it as “Old Gilroy,” before the sprawl of homes and bedroom community commuters took residence there, while commuting into nearby Silicon Valley. I was blessed with a fun and exciting upbringing, where I enjoyed raising animals and exploring the countryside on motorcycles, practicing and competing in karate and playing sports. I participated in 4-H and FFA showing swine and horses at County Fairs. I love athletics and played four years of high school football and an additional 2 years of football in junior college, prior to transferring to Cal Poly, SLO. In 1998, I was accepted into the landscape architecture department at Cal Poly and spent the next five years honing my landscape architecture skills through hands on experiences, long lab hours and doing an internship at Ivy Landscape Architecture in Cayucos.  During my junior year at Cal Poly, I had the opportunity to study abroad and travel through France, Portugal and Spain.  These travels were a huge highlight of my college career and allowed me to explore and document a new side of architecture and international life. My dream is to one day travel back to the many memorable places I enjoyed on this trip and share them with my family.

Shortly after I received my bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture, I married my high school sweetheart, Carrie, who also attended Cal Poly, and we made our home in beautiful Paso Robles almost 14 years ago.  I am the proud dad of three very active boys, ages, 10, 8 and 2 years old.  There is never a dull moment (or a quiet one!) in our house.  We enjoy going on bike rides, hikes, walking our new puppy, Winnie, attending sporting events, competing in recreational runs, traveling and playing multiple sports.  For the past several years, I’ve enjoyed coaching soccer and basketball teams for my oldest two sons.  Our youngest is already honing his soccer skills with his big brothers and will be on a field before we know it!  Our community in Paso Robles is also a large part of our family’s life and I’ve been active in the REC Foundation of Paso Robles for the past 13 years, currently serving as the non-profits President.  Working with a great team within this organization, we have raised funds for and implemented many park improvements in Paso Robles, lead the success of the popular summer Concerts in the Park series and been sponsors of various festivals and celebrations in Paso Robles community.

My landscape architecture career began when I joined Wallace Group in 2002. I helped start the landscape architecture department with two of my colleagues. As a new department, we were an eager group working on a variety of projects. We master planned communities and set the framework for many of our future projects. In five years we watched the department grow from three employees to eight. Prior to the recession, I took a leap of faith and departed from Wallace Group to further challenge myself and grow my expertise as an urban design & planner for another multi-disciplinary firm. The new role allowed me to grow professionally and expand my experience as a project manager and leader. Working for a larger firm with multiple offices also allowed me to work outside of the Central Coast. But after eight years, I desired to work closer to home and be involved with more local projects that have an impact in the community in which I live. So, I returned to Wallace Group as the Director of the Landscape Architecture department and we got the band back together!

Today we are a strong group of four and also offer a summer internship position for Cal Poly students every season. Our workload is a balance of land development, residential and estates, parks and recreation, transportation and streetscapes and hospitality. We enjoy a collaborative work environment, where we have a studio feel, in which we can bounce design ideas around and hold charrettes. Our departments focus is following our landscape architecture passions and having an emotional connection with our work. We strive to develop creative design solutions and work collaboratively with project team members on a diverse array of projects. The projects that get us the most excited are those that have a community impact and result in high quality design.

 Medeiros Family

Questions not necessary in order of importance:

  1. Describe what you do at WG

As the Director of Landscape Architecture, I manage the department operations, administration and financials. I am responsible for directing and dedicating department staffing resources of projects to ensure project execution and adherence to project schedules. I provide quality assurance and quality control of construction document submittals.

  1. What are some of your favorite activities with WG?

I enjoy collaborating with my fellow employees and contributing to multi-discipline teams working on a variety of projects and complexity.

  1. What are you involved in outside WG?

For the past 14 years I have been a board member for a non-profit corporation committed to creating enhanced programs, places, and open spaces for quality recreational experiences in Paso Robles. As chairman, I lead ten board members and provide management of a variety of programs and projects that include the annual Concerts in the Park summer series and endowments for park projects. We conduct city advocacy, sponsorships, donations and support of community events.

  1. Favorite pastime

Anything recreational. I am an active cyclist and runner. I also frequently play basketball, ultimate frisbee and soccer.

  1. Favorite movie

I love cheesy 80’s movies. I grew up on them and it transports me back to that time.

  1. Favorite food

Anything Mexican, especially fish tacos, tortas and chili relleno.

  1. Describe your dream vacation.

Maui, cabana and a mai tai.

  1. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Showing animals at the County Fair.

  1. What’s your secret ability?

Breakdancing. My secret gets spoiled whenever I attend a party, wedding, or simply every time I touch the dance floor.

  1. What is the furthest away from SLO have you been?

During college I studied abroad for three-months and traveled in France, Portugal and Spain.