Employee Spotlight: Louis Lefebvre August 27th, 2020

Born and raised in Paso Robles, CA my twin sister and I grew up wearing hoodies when it was 105 deg F like it was no big deal. After graduating from Paso High and CalPoly with BS & MS degrees in Civil & Environmental Engineering, I moved to Indianapolis where I would wear t-shirts when it was 15 deg F like it was no big deal. In Indiana I worked on developing a biological wastewater treatment reactor technology which now seems to be gaining some traction. I moved back to the Central Coast (Santa Margarita woop!woop!) to be closer to family and worked for a local water/wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer. Between gigantic mudslides and during a light drizzle my wife and I managed to get eloped on the Big Sur River in March of 2017. I joined the Wallace Group’s Mechanical Dept in first half of 2019 and at time of writing (second half of 2019) things are going swimmingly. 😊

Describe what you do at WG ? Magic.

What are some of your favorite activities with WG? Still new haven’t participated in many yet except for razzing Bill. I am looking forward to my first trip Hearst Castle though…

What are you involved in outside WG? Not apart of any service groups or charities right now but I was a Boardmember of Central Coast Salmon Enhancement, now called Creeklands… check ‘em out!

Favorite pastime? Fly fishing

Favorite movie? Too many to choose from but The Sandlot, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and Hitchcock flicks are up there.

Favorite food? Al pastor burritos

Describe your dream vacation – A place where the beer flows like wine where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano

What’s your favorite childhood memory? Playing baseball in my very own neighborhood’s sandlot until the sun came down on a hot summer evening – also rolling in cardboard boxes down a giant hill and hoping we didn’t smash into any oaks.

What’s your secret ability? (expert pool player, play the harmonica, know how to tap dance) I make the perfect over-medium egg and I can throw a wicked knuckle ball.

What is the furthest away from SLO have you been? Costa Rica