“Kitiyepumú” Stands for Playing January 11th, 2018
Dacé Morgan from the Wallace Group were on hand for the park's ribbon cutting ceremony

Steve Tanaka and Dacé Morgan from the Wallace Group were on hand for the park’s ribbon cutting ceremony

On Saturday, January 6, 2018, the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians opened “Kitiyepumú” Park.  The Tribe’s children were instrumental in choosing the Park’s name.  Kitiyepumú means Our Playing Place, which is a very fitting name for the park.  The park includes a large grass sports field, a basketball court with regulation and junior baskets, a tennis court, a sand volleyball court, a play structure, five fitness stations, and picnic tables and barbecues.  The Park utilizes recycled water generated from the Tribe’s water reclamation facility for all Park irrigation, and has incorporated native, drought tolerant plantings, and stormwater quality treatment areas.  To better serve the increased recycled water demands, the Tribe added a new 220,000 gallon recycled water storage tank to their overall recycled water delivery system. In order to construct Kitiyepumú, over 25,000 cubic yards of material was removed from the site, and was used to construct a new bridge and roadway to connect the South and North Reservations which were bisected by the East Fork Zanja de Cota Creek. This new connector, which has been in the planning since the mid-2000s, enhances safety to the residents and Chumash Casino Resort by allowing a quicker emergency response and alternative means of access all areas of the Reservation. This new connector also allows residents alternative means of ingress and egress to the Reservation during times of heavy traffic from the Chumash Casino Resort. Chairman Kenneth Kahn led the ribbon cutting ceremony and spoke of Kitiyepumú Park as being a place for the children to play, stay active, develop a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the environment.  The Park design and layout was a collaborative effort between Wallace Group’s Landscape and Civil Departments, the Tribe, and Summit Project Management. Wallace Group was proud to have been the Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects for this amazing project!

Chumash Kitiyepumu ParkChumash Kitiyepumu ParkIMG_3132IMG_3134
Chumash Kitiyepumu Park