Learning and Laughing on the Central Coast April 2nd, 2018

We attended the County Engineers Association of California’s (CEAC) annual conference, in conjunction with the League of California Cities Public Work Officers Institute in Monterey, California last week. It proved to be a great opportunity for discussion of critical issues facing California Counties and Cities and gave us the opportunity to pick the brains of many talented professionals on topics such as regulations, public outreach, and lessons learned. Daryl Grigsby, Public Works Director for the City of San Luis Obispo and Dick McKinley, of the City of Paso Robles, are pictured alongside longtime public works advocates and officers in the American Public Works Association and the Public Works Officers Institute. This presentation focused on communication styles and factors that can affect them including inter-generational differences, gender, and perceived biases.

Three men smile for picture

Principal Jorge Aguilar pictured with APWA National President Bo Mills and City of SLO Public Works Director Daryl Grigsby

Group of people at a restaurant.

Senior Civil Engineer Ben Jensen pictured with conference goers

Presentation at conference