Preserve and Teach April 8th, 2019

Volunteers and docents from the Land Conservancy led a group of 30 Elementary students from Ocean View on a hike through the new Pismo Preserve. The “Learning Among the Oaks” program creates ambassadors for future generations of nature lovers. They learned about the history of the site: What is here now and why, how to understand what happened 150 years ago through observing tree rings, what happened 150,000 years ago by examining a Mammoth tooth found at Montana De Oro, and what things were like 3,000,000 years or more ago by studying sea shell fossils found there. “Loving the outdoors is a singular joy – to add to it, teaching the next generation to love and care for nature like I do is a surpassing joy,” said Ann Sever Senior Landscape Architect at Wallace Group and volunteer docent at the Pismo Preserve.