Project Spotlight: City of Hollister On-Call Services March 15th, 2017

Wallace Group started pursuing work in the Tri-County (Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito) area back in 2007/2008. Our second and third contracts were with the City of Hollister for their Sewer and Storm Drain Master Plans. In 2013 the City Engineer requested a proposal from Wallace Group to provide on-call engineering services. The City of Hollister is a bedroom community to the San Jose area and the City was seeing an influx of development coming through their doors and they weren’t able to keep up with the workload. Since we had prepared the two master plans, and our office does private development work, but not in San Benito County, the City found Wallace Group to be a great resource for the on-call engineering and plan checking services.


Over the past 3+ years, our engineering resources have completed full Public Improvement Plan Check reviews on over 20 developments, including reviews of the stormwater, water and sewer studies and specifically compliance with all City and Regional Board stormwater regulations. We have completed focused sewer studies as well as the preliminary evaluation and design of the City’s Industrial Sewer/Stormwater Diversion Structure. We are also currently under contract for a Sewer Master Plan Update. To make all of this happen, we have had numerous engineering staff that has supported this wide array of work. Through the plan checking process, the City has requested Wallace Group to assist in the map checking for all of these developments. Our Public Works Department has also helped to provide guidance and support to the City when it comes to the stormwater and sewer regulatory world. They have prepared the City’s SSMP and completed an SSMP update, developed the City’s MS4 Municipal Stormwater Program, assisted with a stormwater NOV and is currently working on the Industrial Sewer NOV.


Thank you to all of our Team that has worked on, is working on, and will continue to work on projects for the City in the years to come. Congratulations on a job well done!