Pine Street Parking Area March 16th, 2017

Paso Robles, CA – The Pine Street parking lot, located in downtown Paso Robles east of Pine Street between Sixth and Seventh Street, offers a new option for long and short term parking in the area. The improvement of this parking lot provides 43 parking spaces, two of which are designated ADA accessible and also includes improving the street frontage of the site and construction of a new pedestrian access bridge. 

Wallace Group was retained by the City of Paso Robles to provide civil engineering, surveying, construction management, and water resources services. This over $600,000 capital improvement project provides additional long-term parking facilities and community access to the City’s Historic Depot Commercial Center at Pine Street. The improvements are a combination of new on-street parking and an off-street lot to include motorcycle parking, bicycle racks, street lighting, and utility stub-outs for future connection of electric vehicle charging stations. In addition, pedestrian access to adjacent roadways will be improved with new ADA compliant walkways. The lot was designed to maximize parking while providing landscape amenities, protecting existing oak trees, and meeting the new storm water post-construction requirements. Low impact development (LID) features, with an emphasis on storm water quality, water conservation, and natural hydrology, include the placement of approximately 8,000 square-feet of pervious concrete, pervious pavers, and landscaping designed to retain and infiltrate storm water.