Santa Maria Fire Station No. 5 July 24th, 2013

Santa Maria, CA – The City of Santa Maria’s Fire Station No. 5 is a 1.3-acre project with a 6,688 sf building located on the corner of Donovan Road and Suey Crossing Road. The construction of the Fire Station included the design and reconstruction of the median (on Donovan Road) to accommodate the exiting of fire trucks. Design also included grading, drainage, site utilities, erosion control during construction, and 36,257 sf of surface parking and hardscape.

Because the site was quite flat and because there was no existing underground storm drain system adjacent to the site, the project presented a particular challenge and creative design for drainage. Much of the surface water was allowed to either surface drain or be conveyed in shallow drain pipes with minimum slopes off the site through under sidewalk drains into the street, allowing the storm water to flow freely within the street gutter to the existing City detention basin downstream. In addition, taking advantage of the well-draining soil, half of the Fire Station’s roof water is being drained into a gravel trench located in a large landscape area along Suey Crossing Road. In case of larger storms, a “bubbler” basin was installed that allows for emergency overflow into the paved yard behind the Fire Station and into Donovan Road.

Wallace Group also provided engineering support during construction including coordination with the Project Architect, City Inspector and General Contractor as well as review of submittals, shop drawings and requests for information during construction for all work related to the civil engineering portion of the project. Wallace Group also worked with City staff to make modifications to the median to allow for emergency response vehicles to quickly exit the Fire Station and respond to emergency calls.

The project was funded through grant funds from the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Included in this funding is a grant secured from the Assistance to Firefighters Fire Station Construction Grant Program which is authorized by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA). The station has 3,188 sf of living space including four bedrooms, a full kitchen with barbeque grill, workout facilities, living room, offices, and restrooms with shower facilities. It also includes 3,500 sf of apparatus parking space with room for 4 engines, work benches and storage.

A notable addition to the project is a monument at the station in tribute to those who lost their lives at the World Trade Center and all first responders who have made the ultimate sacrifice. A piece of structural steel from the World Trade Center is displayed prominently on the front of the building with an identifying plaque mounted below. The Fire Station was dedicated on May 30, 2012 and began operations in June 2012.