Transit Center July 24th, 2013
Atascadero, CA – As the prime consultant, Wallace Group partnered with traffic and electrical engineering firms for project management, site design, cost estimating, construction documents, and inspection for the transit center which includes such features as roadway improvements and site design considering pedestrian safety, lighting, ADA, downtown design standards, shelters, landscape improvements, retaining walls, traffic line-of-site analysis, and signage
Wallace Group began by providing value engineering to the initial schematic plan with changes to the site layout that dramatically cut earthwork and retaining wall costs in half. We also relocated the site improvements off a neighboring lot that would have required substantial right-of-way acquisition. Site improvements (planting, hardscape, shelter, lighting and furniture) reflect the character of the downtown core and replicate existing elements. Durability and low cost of maintenance are priorities, for example, water efficient and low-maintenance plant, irrigation and hardscape materials have been included. The completed project will complement current and future County efforts related to strategic growth, jobs and housing balance, reduction of vehicle miles traveled and emissions, downtown walkability, and a return to the core community.