Wallace Group’s Kari Wagner in a league of her own April 10th, 2019

Transforming Stormwater from a Pollutant to a Resource was the kick off topic last week at the Public Works Officers Institute and Expo for the League of California Cities Conference in San Diego.  Kari Wagner, Principal at Wallace Group along with Milas Smith, Environmental Program Manager for the City of Pacific Grove presented on the City’s Phase IV Urban Diversion Project which will be going into construction summer 2019.  The goal of this project is to divert stormwater that is full of contaminants from entering the protected Monterey Bay.  In addition, it will provide a supplemental water supply source to Monterey One Water Regional WWTP. This project is expected to divert wet and dry weather flows from  approximately 250 acres resulting in an additional 50 AF of water supply.  The partnering of the City of Pacific Grove with the City of Monterey made this project a reality and resulted in $4.5 million in grant funds needed for the construction of the project.


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