Wallace Group’s Newest Principal March 28th, 2019

Wallace Group is proud to announce and introduce our newest Principal! Our Director of Water Resources, Kari Wagner, is the latest addition to our management team.

Through hard work and dedication, Kari has climbed her way up Wallace Group’s ranks. She has been instrumental in delivering complex water system projects throughout San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties. Her excellent client service, project management, and professionalism are a perfect match for Kari’s new role as a Principal.

“We are very excited about Kari joining our management team. With her 19 years at Wallace Group, she brings the managerial and technical expertise and insights to help steer the company into new markets, geographic areas and fresh opportunities as we approach our 35th year in the community,” said Brad Brechwald CEO/President.

Reflecting on her time at Wallace Group, Kari explains her appreciation for the continuing support of a  work-life balance, especially as a working mother. Kari credits her mentors, most notably Rob Miller, with her decision to dedicate her focus and energy to Wallace Group for so many years. Rob’s encouragement of her technical growth in the areas she is truly passionate was critical to her rising career path.

Kari values the support from Wallace Group, and she believes that women in engineering are coming up strong. “Women are a force, providing a huge overall benefit to how engineering is practiced today,” said Kari. Supporting her explanation, she states, “When women come into the picture we bring a different view, the combination of diverse ideas really makes a strong team. At Wallace Group, all opinions matter and are valued.”

Looking towards the future, Kari is excited about joining the leadership team and directing future growth and development of the company. She is looking forward to mentoring and working with younger staff to share her experience and knowledge to empower the next generation.