World Landscape Architecture Month 2020 April 29th, 2020

It’s the 29th day of World Landscape Architecture Month during an unprecedented time in history. This year’s #WLAM theme is “Life Grows Here,” and we are excited to share not only our favorite projects, but also to celebrate the people who help bring our projects to life! Through song, storytelling, and dedication, local singer-songwriter, Natalie Haskins helps bring community together. Today we’re featuring the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport, where Natalie became the first resident, in-house, musician (in addition to her day job behind the airport counter!) to bring our special SLO Courtyard to life. If you’ve traveled through the new Airport Terminal, you know we have something special with the open -air courtyard found between security and all gates. We are grateful to help create places where people can gather and connect to the soundtrack of live, original music. While live performances and her day job are put on hold, be sure to check out Natalie’s very first, self-published album “Puhidua” which means “Wildflower” in her Native American language, set to release May 4th. #WLAM2020 #LifeGrowsHere @NationalASLA @SOCAL ASLA @Natalie Haskins Music